Hillary Clinton is rape enabler? Why the establishment and their media with cowardly celebrities are so corrupt? Why they cover-up Hillary crimes?

My question is, why the establishment cover-up Hillary Clinton so much, try to create fake outrages, heavy marketing propaganda to relate Trump with Hitler and Hillary Clinton with god when is the opposite? Seriously, look at the fake outrage manipulated by the media, trying to create monster and bad image of trump, while they cover-up crimes, everything of horrible made by Hillary Clinton. The American mainstream media, their corrupt journalists, their coward celebrities, the disgusting establishment.

Please (READ), join the links (. com) since i can't post links (Have more facts, videos, the long list of crimes of hillary clinton, the proved corruption of the media, news, establishment, hacked emails, propaganda, lies, everything here

girlsaskguys. com/social-relationships/q2102228-hillary-clinton-told-fbi-she-could-not-remember-state-department
girlsaskguys. com/social-relationships/q2102228-hillary-clinton-told-fbi-she-could-not-remember-state-department

No, trump

Hillary Clinton is rape enabler? Why the establishment and their media with cowardly celebrities are so corrupt? Why they cover-up Hillary crimes?

(Here have more facts, videos, proves, evidences of Hillary Clinton being criminal, trash, no, Trump is not worse than Hillary Clinton, sorry but you was brainwashed by American establishment and corrupt democrat media with their horrible journalist and coward celebrities)

NEVER HILLARY! I'm brazilian and is sick the level of corruption in the media, if I was someone with low information who only watch the media being controled by the democrats, the leftist, the establishment, i really would think that Trump is monster and hitler and that Hillary Clinton is god in earth. Since the democrats, leftist who control the media, the propaganda, try to say for people what propaganda, website, media they need to believe, try to educate the people to deny facts, discredit opposition, this year they created a incredible agenda desperate wanting to put Hillary trash criminal in the power

In other countries of the world we get only the official hillary corrupt American media establishment propagnada.

  • Because 95% of the American media, news, journalist and government/state propaganda are owned by democrats and controled opposition of establishment like Jeb Bush (Never trump instead of never hillary)
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  • No, the American media is unbiased, don't support hillary clinton, don't cover-up hillary clinton, have the same proportion against Hillary and Trump, they are unbiased and aren't part of establishment
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Trump Scandal Checklist

1. Called somebody fat 20 years ago.
2. Followed Tax Law.
3. Had a private "guy chat" 11 years ago.

Really folks?

The American corrupt Hillary Clinton media is one of the most horrible, corrupt, criminal shit of earth, worse is that all the rest of the world copy and paste official mainstream democrat/leftist/corrupt American media hillary Clinton propaganda and cover-up. Thank god we have the internet to save us of government/state/establishment manipulation.
Want real facts, videos, source instead of corrupt mainstream HIllary CLinton trash?
twitter. com/PrisonPlanet
youtube. com/user/PrisonPlanetLive/videos
twitter. com/StefanMolyneux
youtube. com/user/stefbot/videos
breitbart. com

The phoney outrage from leftists claiming that men never talked sexually about women to demonize trump for propaganda. Hypocrites like Miley Cyrus, while much more important crimes who are bad for Hillary Clinton are cover-up or showed for 2 seconds.

Corrupt establishm


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  • The people who support Clinton regardless of all she has done do so because they want Socialism and a one world government. They know they can't get there with anyone who loves this country. It's about as simpole as that. I didn't look at your videos because I've been watching the Clintons and other Progressives for years. The site says I'm 44 years old, but I'm really 64. I clearly remember bact to before Kennnedy was elected. I watched Martin Luther King march. Did you know he was a Republican? Did you know the Civil Rights Bill was passed by the Republicans. The Democrats voted unamiously against it. Did you know Lincoln was a Republican. The Democrats back then did not want to free the slaves. They made too much money off the backs of the slaves. There's much more. For years, the Democrats have working on eliminating things from our countries history because it proves many of their lies. Very sadly, the majority in your age group have no clue what they are doing and what they are really getting with Hillary and they don't care.

    • I feel sorry for you and all the people forced to live with these corrupt group in the power for years.

    • I understand what you are saying. I'm quite happy the idiots that buy into their crap will be very unhappy when they realize they made a huge mistake and have to live with it for many, many years. At least I can get a little joy out of that!

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  • Beautifully Done, hun.
    Bottom line is, if you are Waring the Queen or King Title "Clinton," You... Walk on Water.
    If one doesn't Vote for Trump, she will just Continue to Walk and Talk and Drown our poor Country into the Ground.
    Good luck and Great Going. xx

    • 29 days later... DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!
      Thanks for your own Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • Thank the good lord that "The Donald" is a paragon of virtue

  • American elections are rigged? I do not see anyone supporting Hillary Clinton in real life, only a few uninformed people by corrupt media.


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  • This was a great take. But it will never change liberals mind. They are so brainwashed.