Is this guy scamming me or should I just believe in him?

Last week wensday me and this guy was trading something online. And he still hasn't traded me the thing yet cause the thing is kinda hard to get. But I feel like he isn't a scammer because he hasn't blocked me or he dosent ignore my messages. And he told me a lot of information of what he does. He said "That he's not a scammer and he would never scam". Its just that most scammers usually cut someone totally off after they scam them. And he hasn't. Can I get some tips on how to find out how someone online could be a scammer?


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  • Sounds like he could be scamming you in my opinion, go with your gut feeling.


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  • Sounds like a scam. If you are trading something both people need to trade at the same time. If there is a delay with no explanation, then it doesn't look very hopeful.

    "Can I get some tips on how to find out how someone online could be a scammer?"

    Just don't trust anyone online when you exchange anything of value unless you know them really well and have known them for a long time. Even then you have to remember that people give away accounts and it might not be the same person. That's especially true with game accounts.

    • This is his main account he's been using it for a long time he's not giving it away.

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    • That's a long time without an explanation. All you can do is contact him and ask what's up with the trade. Then wait and hope for the best.

    • Alright thanks.

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  • You should be able to look him up or find other people comments about him if you're on a legit web site.

  • Dont care you only need to think about whether the trade way is safe or not that is enough

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