Are You In Love or Lust – Do You Know The Difference?

In the early stages of a relationship, especially when the sex hormones are at their peak, there is more of lust than love present.
You see the other person as what you need them to be, instead of seeing the real person, along with all the flaws.
You become blind in love as they say, because there is more of lust than love in that stage.
Pure lust is just based on fantasy and physical attraction you feel for the other person, which tends to disappear as soon as the reality of the person shows up.
You see your partner as someone who can do no wrong. Lust can lead to love. However, you need time to get to know each other when you are in true love.
Your mind can really confuse you at times, and what you might think to be love, might just be lust you feel for someone.
Love and lust are intertwined. Lust is what brings you both together and love is what keeps you there.
You cannot have an enjoyable and happy relationship when you are only physically attracted to someone. That just works to keep the chemistry alive between two people.
Lust is the initial desire to be with someone, while love is longing to stay with him or her forever.
When there is lust and not love, you don’t really care about the happiness of the other person – all you want is momentary satisfaction.


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  • When you care about the other person more than yourself, and care about what they want more than what you want - that's love.
    When it's all about what you want? It's lust


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  • im more interested in love.
    to me its like, lust after love.

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