Moving to London to be with my boyfriend?

Okay so I need some advice , in January I'm moving to London to start a fresh/ be closer to my boyfriend. I still live with my parents and so does he but he's moved out before and only went back due to a relationship break down.
I just need some general advice , it can be personal or not. I wanna know I could make the move easier for myself as I literally will have nothing down there to being with. I've got to look for a place to live , a new job/ apprenticeship. I just want to be happy down there.
Thanks guys x


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  • Few questions

    Where do you want to live?
    What skills do you have?
    What is your combined income expected to be?

    • well I've been looking at Holloway / around there. Skills: Interpersonal communication skills, IT skills , Photoshop Skills, Ability to work within a team and alone the list goes on. Combined expected income is £2,400pm but I've already done some hunting and seen a 1 bed flat including water, heating bills for 998pm so then the rest of the income will pay for council tax , TV license, food etcetera we'd be at work most of the days.

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    • Haha, you're welcome. If neither of you drink you'll be fine, alcohol is where London gouges people. Holloway is a very nice area for young couples, as long as you avoid the east end, like the Tower Hamlets area you'll find the city friendly enough - oh and try to avoid going south of the river if you can help it (especially Croydon) :P

      Best of luck to the both of you.

    • Thank you very much

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  • The whole idea sounds stupid. You can't just randomly move to London. Especially if it's an online relationship. If it doesn't work out between the two of you then you're left in London like an idiot. Go for a visit first, see how he's like, then make your decision.

  • You're young so unfortunately you need to learn things the hard way. Never move for guy that's not your husband, parent or fiance. I truly hope it works out and you end up happy.

  • Happy in London? Just wait until you realize how expensive it is there. It's going to be tough. Rents are high and the cost of living is also expensive.

    • Yes I do realise😂 but not everywhere is as expensive as you may think plus wages are higher

    • I live near London and it's extremely expensive where I live and it's worse the further into London you head.

    • I know but with two incomes , we'll only have a small apartment not even that

  • What do you mean by relationship break down?

    • Before we were together he got married, had a child and the relationship broke down they haven't been together in years

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