How do I stop underestimating myself?

Basically, I think I'm incapable of doing anything good or great but so, far I've managed to reach some of my goals. And every achievement feels fake because I didn't think I could actually do it.
I want to stop this.
Any ideas how?


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  • It sounds like you don't have a lot of self confidence. One trick I know is to stand in front of a mirror and give yourself a couple compliments everyday it can help by putting positive thoughts about yourself into your mind.


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  • The fact that you were able to reach those goals should make you feel good! It may not have been as good a challenge as you thought it should have been, but it shouldn't feel "fake" since you still achieved it.

    Make yourself want to feel proud of yourself. Act as your own boss and delegate tasks to yourself. No manager wants their workforce to be weak or to give up. If you actually had people working under you, you'd want to push them and feel proud that they did their best. This kind of roleplay will help. It's basically what I'm doing myself. Instead of complaining, I'm stepping into someone's shoes who's higher than me and who has achieved so much, and looking at myself from their lens. I feel the support, and I feel the desire to be proud.

    Push yourself to have that pride. Before thinking that you're incapable, have you exploited your full potential? Your brain will reach a point when overworking will make you go numb, but it's pushing through that wall that will send you over to the next level. Experience it.


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  • Lots of people go through this.

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