Who is your favorite Asian celebrity?

My favorite Asian celebrity is Natalie Portman

Who is your favorite Asian celebrity?


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  • My favorite Asian celebrity is Morgan Freeman.

    • Morgan Freeman isn't Asian

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    • Asian isn't a race. For some reason the USA and many east Asians have this asia that they own the continent of Asia.

      Sorry that's not how life works and many parts around africa and Europe don't follow the ignorant label of races the US uses.

      Just how latino isn't a race but the US loves to use latino/hispanic as a race.

      Hispanic just means you come from a Spanish speaking country

      Latino means from latin-americas.

      George lopez is latino and hispanic but his race is mestizo, meaning part white europen (because of the spaniels) ancestry and part American Indian (or red indians) because of the Native people of mexico before the Spanish invaded and mixed with them.

    • excuse me for my typing errors

  • I guess Chloe Bennet.

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