Are MEN seen as LOWER then women in society?

  • yes
  • no
  • other
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  • I don't think so. But man, history is cyclical.


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  • They should be seen as equals. Women are not superior to men, nor are men superior to women. I dont get why people make such a big deal out of a single chromosome.


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  • Guess can depend, but has certainly been my experience with life and society. Expandable, worthless objects. Women are to be "treasured" and "Taken care off". While technically isent anything bad with that, but either of those words for men are almost taboo. Be strong, suck it up, be a "man". Take care of your family, daughter/wife, do favors, provide. Fight wars, build and create or die trying etc. Its expected of society. Almost like a brainwash martyr complex, which sadly think I have myself. I cheerish women overall more than they probably deserve.

  • Maybe not "lower", but I personally feel that we are viewed as more expendable.

  • Depends on who you ask.

  • Women are the only group idealized to the point of dependency. Or something like that

  • Of course not.

  • Men are disposable. Expendable. Women are not. In this way, men are worth less, and therefore lower, than women.
    Men are expected to make decisions, and take leadership roles. Men are the labor that builds the world around us, so they also take it on themselves (legitimately or not) to control how things function. In this way, men are perceived as worth more, and thus perceived as having a higher place, than women.

    So the best answer is other. Because it depends on where a man is in society, and how society sees his worth, as to whether he has more status, or less, than women.

    • You women are full of shit. You live to glorify your victim complex, and no matter how much males are twice as likely to suffer violent crime, 4 times as likely to be homeless, 5 times as likely to commit suicide, do all the worst, most degrading, filthiest, hardest jobs, make up 98% of deaths from accidents on the job, are, by law, ALWAYS considered the problem, to be arrested and removed, in a domestic situation, even if THEY are the ones who call for help, or face drafts to go to war, while you all have all the same legal rights as men, you still want to claim society oppresses you because someone holds the door for you at a store and says "after you, honey," or some creep makes lewd gestures to you walking down the street.

      You're full of shit. And despite your shit, I even gave you the benefit of the doubt and explained guys CAN tend to be on top. Not good enough for you cunts, because I also showed men are on the bottom.
      Fuck you, slags.

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