Is it weird I want to celebrate my 18th Bday with a lot of friends and not with my parent (s) on that party?

My mom was stunned i just said she ain't coming to the party, not rude, not in a way i normally wouldn't speak. She even got mad... like wtf?

  • Yes thats weird you said that
  • No thats pretty normal
  • Depends on... (what?)
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  • Sounds like a normal teenager.


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  • It is not unusual for a parent to hear that, but. . . try to put your in your mom's place. She has raised you for almost 18 years. You are reaching a milestone in your life and you don't want her to be any part of the celebration. Do you think she feels hurt?

    • I celebrate it with my family too just not on that particular party.. I don't know what she thinks, thanks for the comment tho!

    • Maybe you should ask her how she is feeling about this.

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  • What are you celebrating anyway? Being an "adult"?

    • Im celebrating my birthday?

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    • like you 2 years older lmao

    • Huh? I am really 20 & unlike many people my age, I am very wise

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  • I did both. I had spent the day and dinner with my family around 5, and then went out with my friends that night.

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