What will happen if I get caught again?

So last year I was arrested for possession of weed under 50g which was a misdemeanor. I was wondering what would happen to me if I was caught again with the same amount? I live in new jersey if that helps


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  • "Smoke weed everyday" 😂🚬🌿
    Sorry that had nothing to do with your question 😁


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  • Any cop who busts anyone on a pot rap should be put down like a rabid 'coon.

    • Exactly joe rogan said it best "if you put someone in prison for smoking a plant that makes them happy and hungry you're the criminal"

    • Well said!

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  • i believe the same penalty because it's a misdemeanor. but since the 1st offense is on your record i guess you could get a larger fine. the 1st offense comes with a possible maximum 6month jail sentence so if you didn't that the first time you'd have a greater chance of getting a jail sentence the second time

  • Not much.. they will just lock u in bruh.

  • Get a job, work for a living, pay your bills, and quit being a moron

    • That's not answering my question, I'm not selling to make an income

    • I didn't think you were
      I did however think you are a strain on society