Is this okay to send to a boss?

"I had forgot to add in my above email. I noticed some of the files which were pdfs had information which were transferable to Excel.

I was wondering if third party applications which convert pdf files to Excel were okay to download on the office computer? At the time I wasn't sure, so I manually inputted it."

Is this too long or okay? It's a small thing so I don't have to send it via email

PS I'd really like to talk to someone briefly about a situation at work, please let me know if it's okay to message you


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  • Is it supposed to be informal? Or does it have to be super formal?

    I guess it depends on the type of boss you have. Some bosses prefer informal communication, since it eases everything. Others, not so much.

    Either way, it doesn't seem a big deal really. You're just adding how you performed your work. And the last question is more directed to the tech guy (if there is one). If you think that the boss has no idea what those programs are, don't even send it. Because then it adds nothing to the convo, other than you telling him details of how you did your job.

    Most bosses only want the results, and not the details of the process. (Again, this depends on the person)

    Feel free to message me..


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  • noo


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  • forgotten*

  • I would add, "while thinking of ways to improve my efficiency, I noticed..."

    • Do you think they will fire me?

      I asked a question about whether I will get fired a half hour or so ago. Woukd really appreciate if you can answer that. Thanks

    • You can pm me if you want. Please include WHY you think you might get fired.

  • Make it as descriptive as possible
    Leave nothing out


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