What is the strongest wind you've ever experienced?

What was the wind speed and what kind of storm was it from?


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  • Mach 2 from my ass.

    okay serious now.
    Probably from the Typhoon Usagi in Hong Kong back in 13' , windspeed of around 259km/h with sustained wind at 165. I was in a 30 floor apartment complex watching the waves bash the beach below. Could even feel the building sway gently in the typhoon. It's not my first rodeo so nothing out of the blue. That was pretty wizard.

    There's a new typhoon heading to British Columbia I heard. People are panicking as usual because much of the west coast still haven't discovered the wonderful technology that is... burying your power lines (*sarcasm*) but I'm pretty much used to it at this point.

    You'll thinking people would wise up and start burying important utility systems underground but nope. People just never learn from their mistakes.

    • Bingo, you've discovered the reason why I posted this. I live in the Pacific Northwest region of the U. S and I have heard about the current Typhoon barreling towards where I live. I have never experienced winds predicted as 65-80 mph (Category 1 Hurricane force) so I'm worried. The last time this occurred in 1962, 40 died and hundreds were injured.

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    • Smart man. Us Americans especially Northwesterners don't know how to prepare. I would prepare more, if it wasn't for my "I'll see it when it happens" parents. But my dad did get the generator out and my mom is putting away lawn chairs and tying down loose objects. We just never experience wind like this here so we don't know how to prepare. You'd think people in Florida prepare for hurricanes with ease, some still don't, underestimating the true power of weather.

    • Nah , it's just that in their generation they really never had this kinda "freak weather". It's a new experience after all. I'm sure if it started snowing in Africa people would be freaking out and without a clue as to what to do as well. It's a nice wake-up call about how fragile the ageing infrastructure is.
      Then again we have the religious types that blame it as "an act of god" , instead of doing something to prepare for the next time it comes... ehk...
      I wish I were joking.

      You know... America sent people to the moon back in the 60s and 70s.
      Now look what's happening.

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  • Last week; 130 mph gusts. Hurricane Matthew; Ormond Beach, FL.

  • Hurricane Sandy 2012 in NYC. The wind gusts were at least 70+ MPH.

  • 110 mph winds. Hurricane.

  • https://i.giphy.com/mQBIbO3VLSszS.gif
    who the hell have time to count win speed and how you even see where is coming from?

    • 1. It's called meteorology, 2. Anemometers are used to calculate wind speed.
      3. I am enthralled by the power of our earth and atmosphere.

    • Try calculating while a tornado in front you.

    • Meteorologists calculate wind speeds before the vortices even touch the ground, sometimes even in the mesocyclone or wall cloud. Some anemometers are built to withstand tornadic winds and are connected to electronic systems linked to the computers of meteorologists to send alerts to the public of the impending danger.

  • When my grandpa over here was rippin ass 😂