Most embarrassing place you've gotten a pimple/acne (+ advice)?

Being a teen, many of my friends are jealous of me because I don't get acne (I've had maybe 2 pimples, which didn't last more than a couple days). Since I was maybe 12 or 13, though, it seems I've been prone to... butt acne. I don't get it anymore, but I still have a few pink/purple spots from the acne that I'm really embarrassed about. Frankly, it looks like my ass has eyes. Any pieces of advice/personal experiences are much appreciated. 😊

Also, does anyone know if my experiene with acne is normal, like am I the only one who has had this kind of acne before?


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  • I once had a pimple on my liver. Doctors had to use an anal probe to put peanut butter on it!

  • I've gotten one in my inner thigh


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