If you had a chance to ask the nominees a question, what would you ask them?

i would ask them what they would do about these killer clown things that have been going around lately


What Girls Said 1

  • "What will you do to Strengthen this Economy Help to make Sure it doesn't Collapse along with our dollar, that is Hanging by a Shoe String?"
    Of course, the 'Killer clown things' are of Great importance, but Before we can Wipe them out, this issue Here, dear, Needs to Be... Wiped Out and a Clean Slate with our new Mate.
    Every Town should be on High Alert, this is what I say, as Far as these Bozos Goes. Pull together in your own Community and Be prepared with Everything you can Do to Protect... You.
    They may Not be as Bad as ISIS but their Scary faces Alone will Chase you Home.
    Be safe.
    Good luck and Great question. xx


What Guys Said 1

  • The presidential nominees?

    This guy asked it best:

    • but if you got the chance to, what would you ask?

    • I'd ask policies they plan to enact to address social issues without both of their political bs obscuring their answers

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