Is it allowable to wear a Marines Hoodie if you are not a marine, more if you support them?

I am 14 and plan to Enlist in 4 years after I have time to think.

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I am 14 and plan to Enlist in 4 years after I have time to think. If you think it's wrong please tell me why not just mark it to be a troll.
If you believe it's wrong, please explain why.


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  • It's totally fine. And supportive. You just don't wear their uniforms or medals Or get a semper fi tattoo.

    • Hey downvoter you want to explain to me why it's wrong for a 14 yo American boy to wear a Marines hoodie?

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  • You sure can. This is coming from a former Marine. The problems start to arise when you try and wear USMC dessert or woodland cammies which a lot of people do. It's disrespectful. You can message me with any questions bud.


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  • People wear "skater" fashion without actually owning a skateboard, I think it's fine so long as you don't pretend that you are in the military if you currently are not. There's a difference between wearing something because you like it or are in support of it and then wearing it because you believe you are it. Nobody likes a poser.

  • Just don't wear their uniform. Hoodies and stuff like that is acceptable.

  • Yes, it's fine. I can go into Oceana's NEX and buy anything I want (except for items from the uniform and insignia area) and wear it with no problem. As long as it's not a regulation uniform, it's OK for a civilian to wear.

  • You can wear whatever you want... While Bush trampled Americans rights with the Stolen Valor Act of 2005, it has since been declared unconstitutional by the supreme court...

    • The law states that you can't claim that you are a war hero with the intent to obtain money, property or other tangible benefits. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a lying sack of shit that is trying to undermine the constitution and trample on your freedom.

    • You're fine dude, just remember that when you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States that you actually do that...