ATTENTION I need someone really creative to help me with a skit?

I need help with a skit. It needs to be funny. Cute and rhyme if possible. I have to have a skit for a pageant. My skit is bug repellant. If anyone can give me ideas I would greatly appreciate it. I'm super desperate for a cute FUNNY skit. The skit can only be 45 seconds and not go over. Please help!


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  • Does the bug repellant have a name?

    • How is this skit to be executed? Tell me more about the assignment. I think I have a perfect 45 second sketch, but how perfect it is depends on the nature of the assignment.

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    • If you have any ideas please tell me.

    • I'd consider a soliloquy in a mirror.

      Do you know who Woody Allen is? He's famous comedies in which his character is neurotic and filled with self-doubt. He gives a neat soliloquy at the end of his 1975 movie Love and Death which was a satire of long-winded Russian novels.

      Anyway, I was thinking of Big Spray being neurotic and filled with self-doubt like Woody Allen...

      So, maybe have you, as Big Spray (the Bug Spray), talking to yourself in the mirror. For instance:
      1. You are proud of what you do, but you're killing bugs. Poor little orphaned larvae have no parents when you are through with them.
      2. You wonder if you''re an aerosol or not and thus harmful to the ozone layer so you try and turn your neck around to read your ingredients, but they're on your back and if you look in the mirror, it's backwards.
      3. You wonder if Raid and Black Flag have similar issues of insecurity and doubt.

      Those 3 should be enough for 45 seconds.

  • This will probably "tick" someone off. If the skit doesn't have to be about flying bugs and insects you could instead make it germs. Show a germophobe spraying this stuff all over and killing every insect and plant in the vicinity.


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