Which superhero is your "alter-ego"? And which one is mine according to my life?

I'm 15 and I have a sister. I live with my parents, but if something terrible would happen to them, I would live with my Aunt (btw she lives alone so she has no husband to live with). My Uncle died 2/3 months before I turned 15. I wear black glasses since I'm 12, and I might start wearing contact lenses soon. My crush is blonde, but she's a year younger than me though. by the way my crush has blue eyes, she is a little bit smaller than me and she is good at school (mostly in maths). I know this may seem strange but even though I'm not so good in maths, I like going to the classes (I kinda like it even though I'm not so good at it). I've been bullied at school for the last 3 years, but now things seem to go better even though everyone knows my name (even though I'm not a "popular" guy). I'm a "nerd/geek" who loves everything about tech. I also have a lot of imagination. When I was 8 years old, I started taking Kung-Fu classes. But I stopped taking them when I was 12 (I had the green belt though). So I have some fighting skills. I do not fear spiders, but I would not like to encounter a tarantula. I never give up in hard situations. I have brown hair and eyes. I'm 5'9". I do not have a lot of **real friends**. I'm a bit shy, but every year, I become more outgoing (I do not consider myself "shy anymore" but I'm not so outgoing though). I like learning stuff at school and I've already be the "teacher's pet" (it wasn't voluntary though).

So which superhero (DC or Marvel) am I and which one are you (according to your own life)?

Sorry I meant "I've already been the teacher's pet". So I don't think I'm still considered as one... even though a lot of teachers like me (in a friendly way obviously haha).


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  • Hahaha Peter Parker

    • Oh nice! He's my favorite super hero! :)

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  • Hmm, I wonder... Sounds like Doctor Octopus to me. On pretty much every tenet- bullied right out of the gate, slight dislike of spiders, you've had to wear glasses since you were young, you have a blonde haired blue eyed childhood crush who;s good at math (just like Otto Octavius' childhood sweetheart and killed first wife), you're a tech-head and the teachers pet. You are Doc Oc...

    • Oh, wait, superHERO. Well- Doc Oc's a hero in his own eyes, right? So he sort of counts...

    • Hahaha! But what about a real superhero? ;) But I said I might wear contact lenses soon so I wouldn't match-up with Doctor Octopus for that part! ;)

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