Need immediate opinions! Have you ever accepted and apologized for something you never did to save you position in a company?

Say for example your senior accused you of stealing his work and everyone was supporting him and no one believed you... So you are not getting to learn or go forward if you don't accept something you never did?

Did you do it to put the issue behind? And did you do it save your position in company?

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  • Nope. My pride is too strong. It's even hurt me at times, but yea I simply will not "admit" to something I never did. I'm not about to take someone elses punishment, when I'm guilty of nothing.

    • Even if that means quitting the company? Say for example you have to learn something from a senior and he accuaes you and it's small company where you have to accept something you didn't do? Would you quit or accept? If you accept you will be forgiven for it

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    • What if they would fire you if you don't?

    • Then I'll quit. It's the principle of the matter.

  • No because I try to never lie. I try to do what is good. I try to do what is right. I have lost work over this mentality but oh well. Their loss!!

    • So you never accepted something you never did?
      So you said their loss and that you have lost work over this mentality? Which mentality?

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    • Are you high? Lol

    • Ohh ok