Feeling Depressed? How do You Cope?

Feeling depressed these past few days
didn't do to well and two exams and have one on Monday

The love of my life, well, I don't know what to call her, called things off between us </3 , Which is fine, it wouldn't have worked out. but its just really bummed me out.

I hurt my back playing basketball, so I can't play ball or lift weights

My friends are all going out, and want me to come up tomorrow, but I turned them all down since I dont drink or smoke. I don't know what to do with my life, I feel purposeless. I feel like I need to find some motivation.

I feel lost. I just want to sleep but it doesn't help.

How do you cope when you are depressed?


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  • You're not perfect. You will fail at some things and succeed at some things. Numerous/Countless students have failed exams or performed poorly than they intended. It just means you need to focus better, study better, and ask more questions on the material you're not understanding. Nothing wrong with asking for help. I had taken a state test last April, and I was counting on that test to be a breakthrough for employment. I got an email, opened it up and the word "FAILED" was the first word I saw, and I remember going outside crying really hard. So, I bought a subscription to help me study the test for three months. Took it again some weeks ago and I passed.

    Break-ups can be painful, but people never realize that they are also healthy and a good thing, becuase break-ups tell you that you were NOT compatible with that person, and that they were the wrong person. It's better to part ways then to waste your time being in a relationship with someone that is not meant to be. Why waste your time and your energy? Why be with a person that may not even fully want to be with you? Instead, you can be with someone that loves your time and effort. And being with the wrong person who is unfit for you would have brought you more pain the longer the relationship went on. Allow yourself to grieve it out. If you saw her as the love of your life, then you'll obviously need a lot of time to heal, becuase that's how much your heart invested in her.

    If you hurt your back, just heal, relax, take a break, dude.

    I applaud you for not drinking and smoking. Doing without those two things will make your life a lot easier. Most people nowadays can't even think on their own and just slip into what other people are doing. But just because you don't share interest in the things they do, does not mean you're purposeless. It just means you need to find OTHER things to do with them, or find a more suitable crowd that fits you. They're still your friends, but they're just doing activities you prefer not to. Nothing wrong with that. Suggest doing something with them that doesn't involve smoking, etc.

    With my depression, I exercise. I watch comedy movies. I listen to relaxing music. I try to reason with myself and motivate myself to move into action about certain things I CAN have control over or change. I do aromatherapy with pure essential oils. I think about the things I am grateful for and imagine a life without those things to see how drastic my life would be.

    • The thing that kills me about our, kind of break up lol
      is that, we are perfect for each other
      We talk everyday for hours, we text non stop

      I always learn new things from her, She is a bookworm, and I love hearing about all her studies. she is pretty too and very traditional (Which I like)

      But the religious difference ruins everything. I wish she was christian or I was muslim. but it won't work, our faiths get in the way. Her family would never accept me, or our relationship so... Its over </3

      Thanks for the advice, I am planning on passing my next exam and going balls to the wall, as soon as my back heals up

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  • I have felt oddly depressed and hopeless for the last week, too. No energy, no motivation, for the first time in a while.

    Indulge yourself or do something you enjoy, keep yourself busy. When you are down it might feel like you don't deserve to enjoy yourself, but once you get started it tends to be better. I went for a long bike ride on Wednesday to clear my head and enjoy the weather while it's still sort of warm out.

    I also have my best friend. We have supported each other through a lot of shit and I can always trust them to listen and offer the honest truth about what's going on.

    • Haha I have my friends
      They help me too

      But I can't play basketball or go to the gym
      Which are my only hobbies at this point 😭

      Thanks man

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  • I'm sorry about that. I was depressed for maybe two years.

    Journalling helped me. Going into another city helped. A change in scenery brings a new energy. I also liked rubbing the center of my palm with my finger and listening to ASMR.

    • ASMR is very helpful and soothing
      I follow a lady on youtube called fairychar i think...
      I haven't listend to ASMR in a very long time

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    • No prob.
      Get some sleep. Isn't it like almost 3am over there?
      by the way, as someone who was in a relationship with a muslim, i understand your pain very well
      although out paths may not meet in person, if you need a type of support, you know where i'm at :)

    • My back is killing me, it hurts to lay down
      I am standing rn, and my feet hurt haha its dreadful

      Thank you so much. You have such a big heart

  • Talk to my mom, hug bandit, hit the gym, go to the cemetery, be with friends, if it's really bad jog up this hill by my house and scream Lmao I sound crazy but it works.

  • Don't. The only reason I'm still breathing is because I'm legally not allowed to have a gun and death any other way is painful and long.

  • Awww don't feel depressed sweetheart <3 :( You know that I still love you and I don't want you to be sad, just message me when you wake up <3

    • Why haven't you told me that you were depressed </3 :( you know you can tell me anything!

    • I love you too sweetheart 😍😚

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  • Just do mindless repetitive things until you fall asleep. Crossword puzzles and suduku have a kind of hypnotic effect on me. Usually I'm asleep in no more than 30 minutes.

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