What perfume do you think is best?

Personally, I've been searching for a really good perfume that's strong and lasts long my entire life, but can't find any. I've went from daisy dream to dior to dolce & gabbana... etc. , yet they all last for a little while. The weather here is really hot! I don't wanna smell bad especially at school, so I'm looking for a perfume that can help me in this situation. The one that when someone passes by, you'd just smell fresh.. So any recommendations? Or even a natural method that reduces bad odor? Maybe, secrets to smell good all the time? ( other than taking a shower, of course!) xD
Thank you! :)


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  • I really like lazy Sunday morning by maison margiela (I think) and it just smells so fresh but it's not overly strong either. Another thing I do is just get a little bit of rose or lavender essential oil and put it on the back of my ears or wrist. I don't really like very strong scents but these two works very well for me. Another thing to make perfume lasts longer is to just put Vaseline before spraying/putting it on and it just lasts so much longer 😊 Hope this helped


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  • I only like the dkny be delicious perfume. I've been wearing it since I was 15. I also like the PINK body mist. I like floral fruity scents. I get complimented all the time