Is it okay to let someone miss you for a while?

I have a friend who is very selfish. I've told him multiple times that I don't like the way he treats me.

A few days ago I called him out on being a bad friend which started a fight. He insisted that he was always nice to me and that he still wants us to remain civil.

At the time of our convo I wanted to cut him out of my life completely so I deleted him off of everything.

I'm hoping that things will change and we can reconnect in a few months, he doesn't know that I intend to be friends again but I would like to keep it that way until he's hopefully had some time to reconsider how he's treated me.


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  • Well, chances are 50/50. Maybe he'll think about his actions, maybe he'll blame you and will never want to contact you again.

  • It won't change anything so you have a decision


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