Is this too much for a exterior detail for a car?

Is this too much for a exterior detail for a car?
130 is for a wash wax and clay bar. 180 is for wash wax clay bar and paint sealant.


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  • When I wash, clay bar and wax my car, I am a good 4 hours doing it. I think those prices are respectable. Try it yourself. When your arms are sore and tired as fuck for three days afterwards, you would have easily paid that money!

    • I did wax it my self Lol. But I don't think I did it right. It rained after a week or so of ap6 the wax and the water made makes on the car. O used megiures carnuaba wax

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  • A lot of Fancy Doings for Detailing, @saud1998.
    However, mus tbe Somethign with this fancy pants.
    I fyou can afford it, Knock yourself Out Figuring it OUT. But even in New York City, got More of a Deal.
    Good luck and Thanks for Sharing, my Wash was $3. oo tonite. xx

    • Lol, i wash my car myself. But thought before the snow might as well give it a good polish/shine

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    • Eh. There too far

    • Might be worth the trip. xx

  • Yeah it is


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