Physical Assault: I brutally attacked by some dbag today, what will happen to him?

Ok so today I was savagely attacked by someone today on the streets.

I was driving down a congested street and saw a car pulling out at the last minute and slammed on my breaks. Not really, my engine turned completely off because i didn't shift properly ( i drive a manual car). Next thing you know i see some tailgating dbag almost rear end me while I had a passenger in the back.

So i get out to see if he hit me (manual transmission cars will jerk if turned off improperly so i thought i got hit). When i get out to go look at my rear bumper and confront the guy to see what his problem was i see him undoing his seat belt and getting out of his car. After he gets out he then proceeds to sucker punch me and kick me repeatedly for around 30 seconds as i just stand there. He kicked my in my shin, balls and thigh. He also punched me in the face multiple times

The guy was pretty husky and was 5'10 but hit like a bitch. I already filed a police report on him because i took a pic of his plates. The officer called it simple assault, what do you think will happen to him?

have you ever experienced this before?


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  • Why weren't you armed? In my state we have open and closed carry laws and that wouldn't have happened in my state. He'd be dead

    • I shouldn't really be hitting someone, besides he hit like a fairy. No form, open neck everything was so sloppy.

      Im not trying to take someones life at the end of the day

    • Let me guess. You're a Hillary loving, fag loving and gun hating bleeding heart liberal aren't you. You're one of those that wants us to change from a Christmas tree to a holiday tree so we don't offend Muslim sand niggers. I'll also bet you're one of those "can't we all just get along" types.

    • well it's OFS next time i see him, when my car is safe from that fat pig and i have proper footwear on.

      I know what he drives and have his plates. I'll see him again

  • Step 1. Check back with us if/when he's arrested and charged, and let us know what the charge (s) eventually are. Depending on your state and any prior record he may have, it's likely he'll only see a fine, and/or probation or community service. Unless it becomes something like aggravated battery or assault & battery with intent to kill, or he had a shitload of priors or is on probation, he's not going to see jail time.

    • if i had known he would barely get any punishment i would have fucked him up myself

    • Sad to say, if you can get away with it, it's often your only shot at justice. If the guy has any money to his name, you can grind him up a bit in the civil court system. Even if he pleas out on the criminal charge with an Alford plea, the conviction generally counts as your 50% +1 standard of proof for a civil case. You would then only need to prove damages.

    • my brother witnessed the whole incident, he was in the backseat of my car

  • Why the hell didn't you defend yourself?

    • i have a case over my head currently. I didn't know if it would reflect on me in a negative light