Washing Machine heiroglyphics: can you gals actually understand these appliances, or are you pretending?

In 1942, the German Navy added a fourth rotor to the Enigma. Alan Turing and his colleagues at Bletchley Park in England (in Hut 8 I think?) managed, miraculously, to break their unbreakable ciphers, giving the Allies a critical and decisive advantage in the Second World War, which impacted the end result.

However, like many - but not all - of his colleagues Alan Turing was a Man. And as a man, he would have found the settings of the single dial on a washing machine utterly impenetrable.

Washing machines, fabrics, soaps etc (cooking too for most of us) are incomprehensible to the male brain. So we are left completely baffled when a woman comes over and nonchalantly fixes it for us.

How the hell do you know what to do? What soap to use? At least tell us if you're pretending to know, or if you really understand the nonsensical heiroglyphics and dynamics of that daunting and intimidating white beast...

  • I'm pretending to know what Im doing, because it makes me look supernatural
  • I understand washing machines. I am not pretending, and I am therefor supernatural
  • Im male - lets see the results!
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  • I'll tell you a secret: most of the time it doesn't matter what kind of soap or detergent you use and most of the buttons on appliances are as useless as most of the buttons on your TV's remote. You don't learn to operate appliances by learning all its functions and buttons, you just learn the few functions and buttons that you need 99.9% of the time.

    P. S. when in doubt, or when it's just clothes, wash at 40 degrees celsius (~100 fahrenheit), only wash towels and bed sheets at 60 degrees celsius (~140 fahrenheit).

    Source: I grew up in a single father household so I had to figure all this stuff out for myself.


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  • If you took the time to read the instructions on the bottle, you could be supernatural too.

  • Omg, this post is life. 😂


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