How often do you get shocked at how old you are?

Zorro was from 18 years ago...18 years...

Antonio Banderas:

I hate that cat ["Puss in Boots" from Shrek 2 (2004)]. Ever since he appeared in my life he's more important than me. Now women always say, "Oh, I love that cat. He's so cute". Before, it was, "I loved you in [The Mask of Zorro (1998)]. And sometimes you think, "Is she saying that because she has some other. . . intention?" But no. They love the cat, and they hate me.

"Taylor Swift was singing on the stage and I was sitting down at one table, having dinner. And I had to go on stage to do a little speech, so she came down the stairs and saw me and said 'Oh Antonio Banderas' and I thought 'Wow, Taylor Swift knows me. That's so cool'. Then she looks as me and she says, 'My grandmother loves your movies' and I said: 'Great, thank you, it was a pleasure meeting you too'. And I almost got tears in my eyes."


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  • Yes. I'm surprised at my age. I'm even more surprised by my brothers ages. The eldest is 10 years older. Bit odd to have a 34 year old brother sometimes.


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  • What shocks me the most is when I remember my little brother is turning 21 and old enough to drink when I still remember changing his diapers.

    • You were changing his nappies at 2 and remember?

      Don't know if that's amazing or irresponsible parenting...

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    • Yes, I changed diapers when I was 3. My parents told me I was a very helpful toddler.

    • And thanks, I do have a surprisingly good memory. My first memory was probably right before my brother was born.

  • Not very. Every time some asks me a question about how long ago the 90's were and how that must make me feel old, I'm like, "Dude, I was born in February 1990. I don't feel old at all" lol

  • Once every 10 years


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