Why do people hate a person who is very sure of themselves?

A lot of people tell me I give off these 'superior' vibes or that I think I'm better than others.

Honestly? I think I am a good person and I have little to be insecure of. That has absolutely nothing to do with other people, it's what I believe about myself.

Sometimes a person's attitude will be like, "Oh, she acts as though she's such a big person," (big as in powerful). It never fails to surprise me. Whether I am powerful or poor, ugly or beautiful, stupid or smart, why exactly should my attitude be any different?

I have no doubt in my mind that these people would let someone who they deem to be very powerful treat them like dirt because of lack of self-respect. I wouldn't.


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  • because you highlight their insecurities

    I take it as a compliment

    • The funny part is that rarely if ever do I even want to highlight their insecurities. I just won't succumb to sucking up to people etc. if I don't think it's necessary. It's not who I am.

      I met this guy in a new school who had JUST met me. I was talking to him normally, and almost felt confused because he was paying more attention to my friend. But I just took it as is (she wasn't that attractive).

      I realized later on he was actually annoyed because of this whole superior vibes thing, and was trying to get a reaction from me. It amused me that he thought it was 'wrong' of me to be myself, yet it was totally okay to engage in condescending behaviour to me.

      People even after all this time never fail to surprise me

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    • Very insightful. I never ever thought of it that way, but it's true. Someone once told me a person was taking advantage of my kindness. I realize now not only is niceness a weakness, it is never appreciated either.

    • humans are like vultures, do not rely on them being kind

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  • I honestly don't know you but there's a difference in thing a lot of your self, like your shit don't stink, verses having confidence in yourself

    • Honestly, in a hypothetical scenario let's say I believed I was better than others. Am I hurting these people? Am I insulting those people? Am I wanting to purposely harm them?

      The answer to all of that is no. But interestingly, what they do to me, *always* is all of the above. It's definitely a malicious approach.

      If they didn't like me why wouldn't they just say I don't like her, let's stay away from her?

      I've met people who I have thought were snobs. I didn't dislike them because I just accepted it was who they were as people. It didn't affect me anyways, so why should it matter what they believed about themselves?

      Lots of people who think they're better than others, they actually go out of their way to hurt other people because they know they can. I'm not one of them.

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    • It's never okay to treat other a badly, it's more like if you're deserving of it it's cuz you let your power, or whatever, go to your head and it's made you into a dbag

    • I thought you meant that people who are deserving of it get to treat others badly because in other people's eyes 'they are all that,' so it's okay for them to behave however they want to behave.

      And if there's someone who a person thinks doesn't 'deserve' the title of being powerful they are 'not all that,' and it is not okay for someone to treat them badly.

      As screwed up as it is, I actually do know people like this. I think the biggest one is when it comes to race. I know minorities for example, who have such a huge complex about themselves that if there was someone of their own ethnicity who treated them badly, they would put up with it. But if there's a culture that they put on a pedestal, they will let that person treat them badly without battling an eyelid.

      It's really sad, because it's not actually the person whose put on the pedestal but the minority who is sucking up to them in the first place who is to blame.

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  • You have the right mindset to be very successful. I find that people that are insecure often tend to be very jealous of those who are go-getters. The insecure tend to make themselves look big and scary and they are really not.

  • Like gobsmacked3 said, you highlight the insecurities.

    • Do I really? I sometimes wonder this too, like do they think that because they don't have the guts to stand up to powerful people who treat them badly, they hate me for not being so affected by this whole status-driven world we live in.

      Sometimes I do wonder if I give off superior vibes. What never fails to surprise me, is if I do give off these vibes, why don't people just stay away from me. They usually choose to go out of their way to put me down.

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    • I do notice however, that they don't seem jealous or envious of me until and unless they start to think I'm giving them superior vibes. I know if I was nicer to them, as in very sweet, they probably wouldn't feel that way.

      So for a long time I wondered, are they truly just annoyed by me? I have a habit of being a bit of a know-it-all, which I think is also partially the reason they think I'm 'controlling,' 'dominating' etc. etc.

      I am sadly actually starting to doubt myself a lot these days. As in wondering if there's something wrong with me for others to behave that way since it's more than one or two people.

      It is definitely true that regardless of whether I am or am not snobby, I've never intentionally hurt anyone. So I don't understand why if these people don't like me, they just don't stay away from me?

    • I've definitely met people who try to idolize others including me but what I've noticed is that their friendship is a fa├žade for deep resentment. They spend so much time wanting to be like you, that they actually start to hate you. I've been through a friendship like that and only realized at the very end that the person I considered to be a good friend of mine was actually a real kind of hater.

      I guess that experience taught me a lot. But I was young and I'm human so it hurt. lol I guess that's life. It's sad, but it's the world. I'm becoming more sly and sharp when it comes to people like that so at the very least I did learn something from some of my bad experiences.