Is this just an Indian culture thing or it spans all people/cultures?

When I go to India, I notice the attitude that not all but some people have is something like this:

If there is a person, who they think is powerful, they will suck up to that person endlessly, even if that person is an awful person. Power usually is money or education. They will apologize even if they've done nothing wrong.

If there is a person who they think isn't that powerful, not only will they treat that person badly, when other people come to know about it, they will actually not take the victim's side.

Their response will be like, "She (the victim), is not THAT important for us to be so careful in our behaviour around her. So what if we treated her badly, she should put up with it, it's life."

The world is a screwed up place


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  • No, this doesn't happen everywhere. It happens mostly in countries with largely conservative societies. Conservatives are less egalitarian and like to put people into categories. So for example if you're a woman or a homosexual or a political opponent, they will openly hate you and condescend to you whereas if you're one of them or some powerful figure (right-wingers really love authority, especially if it comes dressed in a uniform), they will kiss your ass all day long.


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  • Yes it happens, but not only in India.

    • lol am I the only one who is surprised by it?

      Especially in India, if you are someone who doesn't have a lot of power, it's in fact a really not advisable thing to tell anyone anything where you are the victim.

      It (again never fails to surprise me), change from that other person was totally wrong to act like that, to wow this person got away with disrespecting the victim, he/she must not be that powerful so from now on I too will not respect said person.

      It scares me, because what has humanity come to

    • Money, education, and looks are power.

    • Do you think looks are a part of the equation?

      I don't really think it is that relevant. Unless you are truly beautiful, lots of pretty girls.

      But I do agree that looks in terms of 'dressing rich' is power. They are more wary when they think you are rich and they shouldn't mess with you.

      Out of curiosity what motivation could they have for acting this way? My 'aunt' was like this (she wasn't related to me) and it always confused me.

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  • All people do this but the class system in India perpetuated this to an unusual level over the past few thousand years.

  • Like seriously 😶?

    • Yes seriously.

      I think part of it is also that other people in India who don't have status have to put up with a lot because THEY don't have it. So when another person who is let's say being treated badly complains, they don't feel sympathetic because THEY weren't really allowed to make a big deal over it so the logic is that the person who is complaining shouldn't either.

    • It's a universal problem
      Not just in India

    • It is MUCH more in India.

      It is so much so in India that it is almost bizarre

  • Everyone does it. We believe and take sides to whoever we want. Eg the Brock guy who got 6 months for raping the girl. There are other guys who got the same sentence as him or less, and no one talks about it. Most people just go with the wind.


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  • That attitude changes once they get to Arab gulf countries.

  • It happens every where. 😊

    • You know what I find really scary? Is that other people actually blame the victim.

      It's bad enough that the offender isn't being held accountable. It makes it so much worse when others actually act as though the victim is not allowed to be offended.

      It's so crazy, it actually scares me, no joke :(

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