Are looks power? I've always wondered?

I don't know how I feel about this.

I know people who are not good-looking in the least and people seem to respect them fine. They're not particularly smart either I would say they're more deemed as the sensible type.

I know pretty girls who are not put on as much of a pedestal as one would assume.

I think I would be considered good-looking. But also not the type of good-looking where I dress up. So I'm sure there are people who wouldn't think I'm good-looking when my hair is all frizzy and my arms are hairy, (just being honest).


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  • Yes pretty and cute people are treated way better then ugly people. Also pretty people get more attention and comments. An unattractive person would have to work hard to be in a relationship.

  • Looks are an advantage not a free ticket.


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