Is this a good packing list for 9 days in New Orleans this winter?

Later this year, my family is going to New Orleans. I am not going to take packing advice from my mom considering how large her bag was when we were staying at a city four hours from home. She does not like my packing strategy because she is grossed out about me wearing the same pair of jeans more than a day without washing. I really want to fit this is a carry on so I can get through security easily and have space for more clothes when I go shopping. Anything you can think of? I can't think I need anything else.

3 formal outfits (my mother is making me pack at least 3 formal outfits for when we go out to dinner, if it was up to me, I would only have one.)
nice pair of shoes
feminine products
1 pair of jeans
3 long sleeved shirts
9 pairs of underwear
1 pair of pajamas
3 bras
hair ties and hair scarf
regular scarf
concealer and eyebrow pencil
face wash
passport and global entry card
dry shampoo
boarding pass

on the plane I will wear a winter jacket, comfortable black boots, long sleeved shirt different from the ones that are in my bag, beanie, a different pair of jeans, and my purse. In my purse I will have my wallet which has my ID and cash, phone, phone charger, books, and chap stick. I don't need earplugs, melatonin, or anything to help me sleep, I am an extremely deep sleeper. But I might pack something to go around my neck when I sleep so my neck doesn't hurt when I wake up but it does take up a lot of space.


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  • That sounds good. You might want to also find some songs that are about New Orleans or THe Mississippi River to add to like your ipad playlist and maybe some earphones


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  • I would say take some short sleeved shirts because even though I went in the summer it was fvcking hot there! And I'm a kansas girl so it gets pretty damn hot where I live. Seriously it's the sixteenth of October and it's 80 degrees. Imagine July here.


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  • Looks great to me. I just usually wing it with packing.

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