Who is/are your inspiration (s) & why?

My inspiration is Brittany Murphy, because she had many qualities that I admired. She was:
1) Beautiful, in & out
2) Kind & Friendly
3) Optimistic
4) Inspiring
5) Multi-Talented
6) Bubbly
I love her <3
These are my favorite Brittany quotes:
-I think the key to happiness is to not be dependent on other people to create your own happiness
-Being happy is a choice and you can make that choice everyday if you want to.
-Individuality is vitally important. When people start to lose their individuality is when they start to lose themselves.


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  • "Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life"----Kayne. Something magical happens when you take 100% responsibility. You gain 100% control over what happens in your life. If any bad thing happens in your life and you say "I am not at fault" , it means you have no control over it and you have become powerless. You are completely at the mercy of someone else. But when you take responsibility all the options open up to you. It means the Universe is delivering you choices. When you have more choices , you can manifest better. Take full responsibility of your failure or success , stress or pleasure , depression or appreciation , scarcity or abundance. In other words , you have to choose what you want to experience or attract towards you.


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  • A guy friend of mine , because I know his life story.

    It was a case of " sink" or " swim" He hit rock bottom, due to unforseen circumstances in his life , but he fought and struggle for years to change his entire life around.

    I admire his courage , because he still carried on even though he had no strength left anymore.

    He's a humble person with many qualities I appreciate and admire.

    He inspires me to continue through the most difficult times & situations , and never give up no matter what life throws at me. He's living proof you can change your life around under the most dire circumstances


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  • Brittany Murphy? Really?


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  • my inspiration is my mother
    1) beautiful inside and out
    2) sense of humor
    3) hard working
    4) smart
    5) genuine

  • Recently my best friend because she is full of ideas and is also into business and finance.