I think I am a loser. Or I'm I just crazy?

So i am almost 20 years old, and never had a girlfriend or even something close to that. I mean i was always the "loser"in my class, nobody liked me or played with me. Simply because i'm from a different country. I was never popular or outstanding, always was bullied and etc. I don't know why i think this way, it seems everything just points that i am actually a loser. I don't want to think that i actually am a loser. But thinking more about it... it seems to be true. Yeah, maybe i sound a bit pathetic sure or over reacting to this. But looking back it just seems that way... I honestly think i will end up alone...


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  • You're not a loser. If you think you are one, then I must say you're wrong. :)
    What's the problem with not having a girlfriend? Many people are also in this situation. There's nothing wrong with it.
    It's just a matter of time, until you find the right girl.
    I'm sorry, you've been through this situation. I know what's like to be bullied.
    Just believe in yourself and your life will get better.
    Good luck!


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  • He come to here facing different culture that reduce his power 1/2 but still win all of people. I always respect this kind of people it is so tough. There are many people like you, You just need to find them out you will find very interesting thing.

  • Well if you hit the gym, start making money eventually a post wall ex slut will want you to wife her up and take care of her. So just hang in there and self improve buddy.

    You can have a girl like this to be your girlfriend after she's done fucking a bunch of guys and now looking for something "serious".