Why do girls objectify me?

I give effort but girls ignore me. Like I'm just an immovable object like a thrash can. They know your there but think ur just an object. I want to be humanified, show me attention and at least one would consider to do sexual activity with. I want to feel human


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  • everyone objectifies everyone dear. it's a fact of life. you just have to roll the dice and take your chances.

    • I do take my chances

    • look, i'm not gonna lie. people these days are complete @ssholes, and it's getting harder and harder to meet decent people. you just have to weed through the entitled, vicitm playing morons until you find the right flower. you'll know her when you meet her.

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  • I think your overreacting..

    • No I'm not, I'm literally not noticed like an object

    • Oh come on... im sure someone acknowledges you..

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