How to be stern 😅?

Ok, so to today I was helping take care of children in the children's department at Church, like I do every Sunday.
I am always to nice, and I find it hard to say no, even when I am supposed to... lol
I have tried to talk sternly, but they don't take it seriously, because they know I am not a mean person.
I think they are taking advantage of my kindness... lol
Kids are smart. 😳
I need to fix that. How can I be more stern, so they don't take advantage of me, and my kindness? 😅

I need to be stern peoples. I know I have a good heart... lol
I just need to be stern. 😅😂😂


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  • Unfortunately, it's a bit late to be stern. If they already know you to be kind and unable to say no, they aren't going to take you seriously. To kids, even if you give in and say yes one time out of 20, they will always think there's a chance you'll give in. If you try to be stern now, you'll end up having to be mean, and I know you won't like yourself in that role.
    I have a 3yo niece and I'm the one they call in when she's being difficult because her mother and grandmother have been known to give in. I've always been unyielding, and she knows I mean business.


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  • You tell them what you expect at the start and that if they are really bad and don't listen you will write their name on the board, they get a check mark every time they are bad and after 3 check marks you will sit the in the corner and let their parents know.

  • Unleash your inner Liam Neeson. See Taken trilogy for reference

    • Hahaha... lol xD
      I will try. Thank you for your advice. 😊

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