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So, I've been playin LoL for a while now and I kind of main the support role. I like playing poke-style champions such as Sona, Karma and Lux. But I also play baby-sitting champions such as Soraka. Thing is I do not own any tanky supports. That's because I'm scared they'll poke me down and I'll end up feeding. So I was thinking of starting with an easy enough champion to get used to the tanky ones. So I was thinking of either buying Leona, Alistar or Blitz.
Thing is, Blitz is almost always banned from normal draft BUT I can see how annoying he is and how easy it makes farming for the ADC just by walking around.
Leona on the other hand seems to me like a harder champion to learn? I played her once in ARAM and I failed miserably. But I do know that If she catches you with her E you're most likely fucked, but doesn't that need some kind of technique?
Now Alistar.. I've heard he is free but I can't quite figure out how to get him D:. He seems like a fairly easy champion to play but he doesn't have a way to leave when he is being targeted (at least from what I've seen while playing against him. So, which one of those 3 would you recommend for me?

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By the way, I found out how to get Alistar (and a skin) for free.


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  • Alistar is probably the hardest one because it is easy to fuck up his many combo's.

    Out of all of these leona is by far the easiest one because her combo is pretty much just w, e, q and ulti if you have it. Or ulti first and then do all those. Also to be very aggressive and dominate lane because of your natural defenses. Leona I am pretty sure is one of the best supports in the game besides thresh.

    I recommend leona.

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