If women were actually paid less than men in the workplace, then wouldn't the entire workplace be filled with women? It's financially better?

I strongly believe the gender pay gap is a myth and that the studies that show a gender pay gap overlook tons of major factors that influence the divide such as maternity leave, and job occupations that are more taylored for men or women.

I mean, if women really are paid less than men, then employers would hire only women, since this is a financially better decision. It doesn't add up

  • The gender pay gap is a myth
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  • Women get payed less than men because they are women (sexism)
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  • Many jobs which are mainly carried out by women and considered 'women's work' are the lowest paid in society, and afforded very little prestige.

    There is also evidence of how jobs are valued, both economically and socially, based on gender, for example computer science was originally a very female dominated field, but became better paid and taken more seriously when more men became involved. Equally, when the natural sciences were male dominated, they were all considered to be difficult and valuable fields, however when more women became involved in Biology, the idea permeated that it was a 'softer science' than Physics or Chemistry.

    The gender pay gap is also brought about by workplaces' treatment of parents; making it very difficult to progress or even hold your position in many workplaces if you have to take time off when starting a family and for childcare reasons, or even if you're considered likely to do this. Of course, if it were a societal norm for both parents, or parents of any gender, to require leave to care for their families, then this wouldn't be a gendered problem; but it is women who are expected to sacrifice their careers when they become parents, while men's gender roles don't include parental duties such as being the one to stay home and care for children when they are sick, or take over early childrearing after the baby is weaned, as is becoming more common in countries where the option exists for parents to split maternity/paternity leave equally between them if they choose.


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  • The gender pay gap is a rallying slogan for leftist political types to keep women riled up and make them vote for them. Never mind the reality is, as you point out, very different. You can take women doctors as an example. More women choose to go into specialties like family practice and pediatrics which pay less than specialties that more men choose to go into. But the keyword is "choose."


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  • I think in some situation you will find that there is a diffence in woman's pay verses men's pay. I also find situations where their is no diffence. To show that I am not biased regarding my gender I would like point out you can also find situations where their is pay discrepancies based on age... race... attractiveness. But we are just talking about gender here so...

    I don't think more women in the work place would support that women get paid less than men because this is not a conscious biased towards women. Everyone has a prejudices's that are subconscious even if they don't want to admit it.

    I personally have been in a situation where my pay was biased on my gender and age. I had a male coworker start at the place I was working, I trained him up to what I did (actually I trained all of the employees at this job and they were all male). We both did the same things on a daily basis, had the same title at work but he was put on salary, I was barely making above minimum wage. We added person, again I trained him, however I out ranked him (not methphorcally, I taught MA and was 4 years his senior which is a lot) he made the same amount as me. It's not like I wanted him to get paid less at the amount we were both making. I felt like we both should have been making more. I kept plugging along and we added another guy (trained him) he was just a level below me but guess what? he also got put on salary. When I brought it up to my boss after 5 years of this he told me "but you younger and live with your family, you don't need to make more money"... the first guy who made salary also lives with his parents. So to summarize, a man who was less qualified then me made the same amount and two men that were either under my rank or eqaul to it were paid more because based on thier age. This support both gender and age biased in the workplace.
    I also have examples of where pay isn't based on gender. I work in IT. When I was hired they was an agreement I sign about my wage. Everyone with this job title gets paid the same amount and raises are based on time in the job and certain qualifications that make you more valuable to the company. It the same for all jobs in the company.

    I believe pay gap based on gender is real. I see this in my own life, the recent discussion in Hollywood regarding female co leads being paid less then thier male stars and also the US soccer team being paid less... not done see comment...

    • I think ofcourse there are other factors beside male/female that need to be looked at to come up with accurate data to support this. The other thing I would like to see is the math behind how the wage is calculated... specifically in the two cases I have mentioned above. I understand with the soccer that the men's team is more widely watch... but the women's soccer team actually wins more games and placed higher in the World Cup.
      I just would like to see how this is calculated without gender in the equation.

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  • men lie how much they make women believe them.

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