Guys I need some poem ideas?

What are some poem ideas you guys can think of.. please drop some ideas down below.. thanks..


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  • You embrace me in the heat of your soul
    You disgrace me in the cold of your heart
    In my days to meet you is my goal
    While I wait for the nights to start.

    When your body entangles mine
    While we dance in a single pace
    All the flames begin to shine
    And my body is yours to taste

    As I burn like a flaming candle
    You laugh and consume my soul
    As I slowly turn to ashes
    You let me die alone

    And off you go to another body
    Another soul to be devoured
    Leaving me for the phoenix rise
    When you'll come again collect your prize.


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  • Roses are red violets are purple
    sugar is sweet and so is maple syrple.

    Just kidding.

    My guy made me love him by writing parts of various Shakespearean sonnets on cards with red roses attached. Lovely:) try that out. If you need help getting your way through the sonnets, let me know.


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  • the void casts a shadow beneath the tendrils of a dream
    each breath exhausting malice unseen
    a vice that shields as much as it stings
    and a fellow traveler's journey beneath the green

    just make shit up.. let your mind wander until something seems hard to understand, and write it down.

  • Write a poem about how you feel seeing yourself naked in the bathroom mirror.

    • lmfao you perv!!
      as a curious human being
      my body is a wondrous thing
      its sight moves my inner parts
      and fuels my soul better than Descartes
      it outshines all arts
      makes me express all kinds of aaaa's
      Indeed, nothing feels best
      than rubbing my vago with zest
      lmfao that was so weird

    • @archiz AWESOME poem!!! I luv it !!! Cartesian dualism!!!

  • Omg I thought this said "porn" idea's, damn this site has turned me into something else... too much sex talk here.

    ANYWAYS, I like poems about Christmas or fall, or poems about seasons in general. I also like poems about society.

  • Write something sad. Sad poems become more popular in the end. Something about a depressed person?

  • Like already published poems or new original poems?

    • Like original.. I'm taking creative writing and we are talking about poems.. just made up stuff.

    • Giving you a poem to copy won't really help in the excersise. Instead, think about something you love and write down one phrase to describe or explain it. From there expand on it by adding a second phrase and repeating the first then add another and repeat the first. Take notice of the Ruth's and how many syllables are in each phrase.
      Here's one I wrote for my girlfriend.
      A Poem for Lindsay

      Lindsay oh Lindsay the light of my life,
      in describing my love, it cuts deep as knife.
      Just as the sun moves wide through our sky,
      our loves is so often driven to cry.
      So in day as the sun burns hotter and hotter
      My love rises high for her parents number two daughter.
      Lindsay oh Lindsay as day turns to night
      I give you my heart but beg not for fight
      Just as my heart is pure, wide and deep
      I hope that this poem later lulls you to sleep.

    • *Words. Not Ruth's

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  • how about organised chaos