Guy who was flirting with me for months got a girl friend. How can I stop being jealous? Why does he expect us to still be friends?

I've been flirting with this guy for a few months. It was all fun and games. He never mentioned a relationship once, but he mentioned sex all the time. So I just figured he wasn't into the whole relationship thing and just wanted to be fuck buddies. At first I wasn't into the idea, but as time passed I kinda thought about it and I changed my mind. We didn't ever have sex, but our flirting turned super sexual. Then out of blue he just ghosts me. He hardly speaks to me in school unless he wants to copy some clsss work or have some of my food. He doesn't text me and when I tried he sent me one word answers or left me on read. I figured he had lost interest. So I told him it would be best if we weren't friends anymore, but he came back the next day and kept acting like we were still friends. So I found out he started dating a girl who I used to be on good terms with until she kinda randomly started acting different. Even though I rarely ever get jealous, I can't help feeling super jealous. I don't want to be jealous but I'm just so fucking angry. I'm not angry because of her. I'm pissed that he wasted months of my time, I'm pissed that he never showed any interest in a relationship with me but jumped in a relationship with her after 2 weeks, I'm pissed that he just dropped me in an instant, I'm pissed at myself that I was dumb enough to get caught up with him. And at the same time I'm so fucking jealous because he was so attractive and so cool and I was so into him. He was so attractive that I just ignored his shitty personality like a fucking dumb ass. And now he wants to be my friend. Fuck that! I'm so fucking angry because everyone treats me like shit, and I thought for once somebody might actually be into me in some way, and then he just fucking moved on in like 2 days. On Friday two weeks ago everything was great, and then on Monday everythings changed. I feel so fucking dumb. He's so fucking dumb. Everything is so dumb.


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  • First of all, you're not dumb. In fact, you're far smarter than you realize!

    You say he just jumped into a relationship. What makes you think it's a "relationship"? What did he want from you? Sex. And what makes you think he would want anything more than that?

    The way you describe him, he's an ass, and a world class one at that! You say his personality is that of a jerk. All he talked about was sex. In truth, that's what he's probably getting from that other girl. Be thankful he's not doing that to you. He's gonna just up and leave that girl some day for someone else he can have sex with. And do that over and over until he decides to grow up, leaving constant broken hearts along the way. Be thankful yours won't be one of them.

    Your hesitation saved you volumes of heartache. You're worth FAR more than just sex with some jackass. You sound like the kind of girl that wants a guy to love her with everything he has - all the time. You're a far smarter girl than you think.

    • Thank you so fucking much!

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