Do you think America should fight terrorism overseas so we don't have to fight them here?

Do you think fighting wars in Iraq, Syria, yemen, Libya etc. Will prevent terrorist from attacking the US?

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  • Your premise is wrong, America is not fighting terrorism overseas and never had. There were no terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya until America decided to bring democracy to these countries. With bombs or proxies (mostly Saudis).

    Not even Russia is fighting terrorists in Syria. There are no "terrorists" there: on one side you have Russia-backed Assad and on the other are mercenaries payed by Turkey, Saudis and USA. Somewhere in between are the Kurds.


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  • Let's put it this way, if you have cancer, do you want to hope it doesn't spread or exterminate it entirely?

    • But is it our job to cure cancer all around the world?

    • Considering the amount of reseources we like to throw around with our military, might as well put it to use. Also, clearing out people who feed an ideology is more useful Han "closing our borders"... has no one ever heard of domestic terrorism? People act like people are from a single area. Dudes can go on the internet and get converted. Get rid of the extremists and you're more likely to get rid of it... that's not true. Studies show that if you get rid of the low men, like runners, it's more effective in erraticating it cause high profile terrorists usually stay isolated and undercover, but now I'm just rambling 😑

  • please america stay the fuck out of the middle east

  • No closing the borders will help curb terrorism