What does it mean that my picture got rejected for being "fake"?

I wanted to see what strangers thought about how I looked so I posted a picture of myself on a rating site, on two of them actually, and the picture got rejected on both of them (reason: picture might be fake). What does that even mean? It was an actual picture of me, why would it be fake? Im just curious


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  • Did you post it here - I can't tell unless I see the pic - Reasons people say pics are fake, in a way take it as a compliment because you are so pretty or look like a model or something.


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  • You were busted by the Internet police.

    • that was a real picture of me.

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    • nooo, for some reason here it just feels more personal,

    • You're a super pretty girl. You shouldn't be afraid

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  • It means you're a possible catfish, congratz.

    • how can you even tell lmao, i wasn't being a catfish. how can someone suspect someone of being a catfish?

    • If a picture seems "too good" then you are automatically suspected for being a catfish online.

    • too good? it didn't look professional AT ALL D:

  • It means you're a catfish, like many web denizens these days. Especially on sites such as this.


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