How can a oil rig be soil as for tabacoo use only?

FYI. Alcohol affects me way harder then weed or oil and I've been drinking fire ball so sorry if I am sloppy with this explanation. So I shall keep the bereft.

like is consatrated weed oil ( originally this was gonna be way longer ) But anyway an oils rig consists of a long a titanium or glAss attached to a bong you heat up to nail I use a propane torch tell it red hot wait about 3-4 secound and then place the oil on the hot surface which as you such the oil vapor goes through the bong and into your lungs. Now here in Washington they still do sell it for tobacco use only I'm nit gonna lie guys I smoke cigarettes as well and making it through collage with B and A's so take that for thoughs who think stoners. Does oil fro, tobacco who would dab vaps oil how could a dab Possibly be used for Tobacco


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