Was I let go of? What would you make of this email?

My 'boss' verbally assaulted me during work. I left the office on Friday early it was very obvious I was upset. I intended to quit. I wish I had put it down on writing.

I got an email from him on Monday saying this.

Dear Claire,

Just wanted to let you know that given the lighter than normal work load for x company this fall, we have deemed better for both you and x company to let you pursue other opportunities. Thus, we wanted to release you of any further obligation to come working with x company effective immediately.

We do not feel that our current work load merits your involvement and provided your desire to gain meaningful experience, we would encourage you to look at other options that can provide that.

We wanted to thank you for working with us, it was a pleasure meeting and getting to know you.


I am actually do disgusted of this person that I don't even want to look at him. However I have nothing in writing that says I wanted to quit and don't know what to do. The position itself was not that great it was an unpaid intern.

I'm traumatized. Not only was I the one intending to quit after HE verbally assaulted me, he took advantage that I didn't email them back and made it seem like it's their decision.

What should I do? I can't get over it.


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  • Oh yeah I remember your first post. Yeah they definitely let you go and tried to make it seem like it was purely business. From your other post and this one, it seems like it's best that this happened since your boss was nuts haha.

    • I was going to quit, and they knew that because i walked out on Friday. Unfortunately before I got a chance to email them, they emailed me.

      I am very happy I don't have to go back there, but I'm traumatized. Is this equivalent of being fired? I know they are lying about the 'business' work load etc. because I immediatley saw a posting for this position which I have as proof they're lying.

      What should I do? I hate those people now.

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    • What I realize now is it doesn't give anyone the right to act like that. I'm happy I recognize that.

      I feel better a little. I am hoping I'm able to just forget about it.

      Thanks for hearing me out. I appreciate it :)

    • No worries. I hope you can move on from this and find a job wear you're treated properly. I wish you the best!

  • If he verbally assaulted you I would report him.

    • The thing is, I am afraid it will be my loss not his. I know he is a shameless person. However, what would a young girl fresh out of school looking for jobs do about this situation? There's not even an HR department so who hsould I report him too?

      Will anyone buy this email as proof that there was no work in teh company so they decided to part ways? My dad said you have proof that it was about a work related thing.

      I was like bullshit no one's going to believe that. However this guy (the idiot in charge), he's so stupid he actually put up an advertisement for the same posting today which is proof he's lying.

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    • I have nothing to prove to that douchebag. But I agree that he is not worth my time

    • hope I helped a little and good luck.

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  • They've kinda worked around being an unfair dismissal

    • Why would they be so polite if they're letting go of me?

      I definitely think that they took advantage that I didn't put it in writing. However my dad said that thank God you have nothing to do with those people.

      I was anyways going to quit and I wonder if it's worth it to send up a follow-up email so I have something in writing that I intended to quit.

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    • And there is nothing you can do about it.
      You should have had some form of agreement not necessarily a contract could even be verbal.
      You're just going to have to move on

    • Agreement on what?

      There is something I can do about it, I can either seriously report him, or I can send a follow-up email that gives ME closure.

      The actual problem is that I am fearful of this guy and what he's capable of. I'm pretty sure he realizes it, he's not even afraid I might actually take legal action against him