Beliefs in Manifesting?

I've been reading a lot about manifesting what you want into your life... It's basically the belief of being able to turn your hopes and dreams into reality by living positive in mind and spirit, and having no doubts you can get what you want by believing... there's so much more, just wondering how many out there think this is real...


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  • The only thing that does is motivate you to do shit by willfully deluding yourself. Maybe it will work for awhile. But exactly what happens in this great plan when something awful happens? You will be unprepared. You will try to find this magnificent silver lining, all the while being drenched by the cloud that embodies it, convincing yourself that you don't have to move on or go get an umbrella, because "shit will just work out if I believe hard enough". Optimism is a fools gambit. Being realistic means accepting that *not everything is going to end up optimal*. It means adjusting to harsh realities and planning for them.

    People want an easy fix. They want to have everything for nothing. Wouldn't it be magnificent if *all you had to do was believe*? That's religious fervor talking.

    If you want something, scratch and claw your way to get it. Work towards it. Make plans. Short, mid, long term plans. Obtain goals through discipline and consistency. Not wishing.

    It's like my dad always told me. "Wish in one hand; spit in the other. See which one fills up first."

    • I'm not religious by any means... it was not a Personal thing, I've been reading a lot about spirituality lately and bringing positivity into lives , I was simply wondering the thoughts of others, not asking to be belittled and judged... And by the way my dad always said " If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at All"

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    • If you treat people negatively, then you'll definitely get negativity back. If you treat people positively, you'll be more likely to receive positivity; but, you can still get a lot of negativity. I don't buy into the energy into the universe thing.

    • That's pretty much what this site is for... Everyone's Opionions are different but equally as important :) I'm still on the fence, but I do think people generally feel better being positive, but not that easy to obtain , especially if you struggle with depression or other issues...

  • Of course it's not real. You're literally talking about wishing for stuff, like a child.

    • it def. was not intended to sound that way, There are an enormous amt. of literature out there about manifesting and manifesto... It's a belief that your positivity and your energy can bring good things to your life... people have been manifesting negativity into their lives forever... by not thinking that if they change behaviors and actions they can possibly change their situations... it's not "Wishing or being childish" It's a belief what energy you put out comes back!!

    • Call it what you want. It's childish wishful magical thinking.

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