Help to guess how baby will look like?

i have pale skin, dark eyes and hair and my so have pale skin, light blond hair and grey eyes,,,
what our baby will look like?


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  • similar to a mix of both parents with a fat screaming face and a shitty arse

    • by the time he will grow up u will be shitty arse old retired retard!

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    • if u dont want a down vote u better be nicer to people

    • i actually dont care about down votes and i will always tell stuff as i see it rather than treading on eggshells. i have had a child... you haven't so dont get my humour. thats fine but not my fault. good look with everything. you will need it

  • Pale skin, dark eyes and light blonde hair that will turn dark as they older.


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  • Probably a pale skinned baby with medium brown hair and it'd be a 50/50 chance that a baby born by you and he would have the dark (assuming brown) eyes or the grey (assuming blue) eyes.

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