Why does this older "woman" keep saying "bless you" to me?

She knows my mum died a couple weeks ago, and keeps putting her hand on my elbow and saying "bless you" whenever I tell her anything at all, as if I'm not strong enough. It's really irritating and patronising, as if I'm not strong enough, or "weak". I'm doing just fine, thanks, and a lot better than you think I am. In this case, I was telling her when the funeral is - which she asked me to do.


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  • Be Polite and Simply Smile all of the While.
    She is Probably the only God Loving 'Older' Woman around who Not only Feels Bad and Sad about Mom, but Really... Cares.
    Good luck and I am So Sorry for your Loss.

  • she's probably just very religious. In saying this, she's not saying you're weak or beat down. She's saying she realizes how strong you are in this time and it really touches her to see you keeping it together. Don't take offense, she doesn't mean anything negative behind it.


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  • how old is she? i just wonder if its her using language not used by 35 year olds. i did initially expect this to have been asked by a teen when i first read the question but my reply still stands

    • Not too much older than me, I reckon.

    • she is just a nuturing motherly type then and i wouldn't take it to heart