What is Your Dream Car?

It can be any car ever!
A pagani Zonda! or perhaps a Lamborghini Countach, Or something really average like a 1988 mustang! Whatever you car you want to have and drive forever <3

Mine has been a Ferrari 360, ever since I played Need for Speed Hot pursuit 2 as a kid!

It had the looks, the speed, and its just so cool, and beautiful! not to mention the noise it makes <3


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  • For driving on the street or racing on a track? Track car would be a Formula Mazda or 911 GT3 Cup, but I can't afford the $250K/year to race one. Street would be a McLaren P1

    • The P1 is an epic machine!
      They look so bonkers, I love that design.

      I want to see one in real life! I have seen the LaFerrari and a handful of 918s in person, but haven't seen a P1 yet!

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    • You could learn. When you have a little money you can find an affordable used M3 or Cayman and take it to track with the Porsche or BMW club. It's crazy fun. Or just try karting. Not on one of those silly figure-8 tracks, find a real kart track that's like a mini Formula 1 course.

    • Yeah maybe I'm a few years! I need to upgrade my daily first lol

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