How do you write the starting of a book?

How do you write the beginning of a book? How do you set off the first scene? How much stuff happens in the first chapter?


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  • Don't give too much away. If it's the prologue write it in a way that it's important but doesn't give away the main point of the story. First chapter write it in an introductory way that shows the main character and gives us an idea about their life and personality, and have something interesting take place as well.


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  • prologue or chapter?
    most authors tend to use prologues as a way of giving a bit of exciting information that persuade the reader to turn to the next chapter. Say, if it was a sifi novel about a orphan alien found on earth, then your prologue might be about its mother giving it during some dramatic scene like a war. idek
    your first real chapter should be based around the big event that set all the other events into action. For example, in this sifi novel, this alien might make the discovery that they are adopted.


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