I feel really sad these days? Like I'm on the verge of tears?

Am I depressed?

I finished school in May (undergrad). I just feel... lost. Sad. Lonely. As if I have no friends and just... no aim.

I recently got into a bad work situation. I am sure that's contributing to it a lot, but it isn't really the sole reason I am feeling this way.


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  • need to do something to make you feel good about yourself. try an affirmation box.

    • I took a photography class. It motivates me, but I juts feel lonely.

      There's no one to talk to really. My parents are ageing too, they're both close to 60s.

      I feel very alone.

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    • GAG is a nice forum that way. It's been instrumental in my communicating with other people.

      I didn't realize it but I'd be so lonely without GAG and the ability to express myself to others.

      Hurray for this forum truly

    • if you stay open and pay attention to peoples responses you will find people that you will mesh with. dont be afraid to pm them or ask them to pm you. eventually it may even go off gag that you talk to them. i talk to a few people i met on here regularly off site.

  • I kinda feel that way, no friends to hang out with outside of work, and never really made legit friends in class either


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