Does anyone else have their brain tell them negative lies almost constantly?

I mean it got to the point I was up for 3 days because I was so bothered by everything.
And now I'm the happiest I've ever been in a long time and because there's no new imput on that level it's telling me not to be happy about it telling me all kinds of lies. And I'm healthy enough right now to know they're lies but they hurt nonetheless.

I'm so tired of it. It's like SHUT UP! Not an actual voice just negative thoughts.


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  • I mean, I have negative thoughts all the time. I'd thsts what u mean. Do my thoughts lie? Uhhh I don't know. Prob not

    • Like
      "This person hates you."
      And thats a complete lie this person actually loves you a lot.

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    • Schizophrenia!

    • no actually those inolve hallucinations. and a split personality is different.
      It's not an actual voice it's a thought that pops into my head and won't go away.

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  • I have silly arguments in my mind all the time... I usually always win. :p


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