Do my legs stand out?

I have noticed for a while now ( 1 year+) that especially girls/women look tendency to fall down on my legs. They will look at my face and then their eyes go directly to my legs or sometimes just directly to my legs.

Not everyone does this obviously, but it happens a lot. I dont have long slender so its hard to belive they look because they find them attractive. In addtion i have had some serious insecurities about my leg/hips placement, where I find odd looking and have disliked the way they look. So when i first notcied people looking i thought they were looking because thet look unattractice.

Personally for me to pay attention to a girl's legs it would be because they were either very nice legs, very unattractive legs or very thin/very fat/very muscular legs. If they dont really stand put I dont tendency to notice at all.

So I Just have to ask, does my legs stand out any way at all?Do my legs stand out?


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  • to be honest? your thighs are a little fatty right above the knee and just get bigger the rest of the way up.. and i dont say this to be mean just trying to be honest they are not my style

    • I work out, so it Just my muscles lol

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    • What is your idea of working out then? For myself when I say I work out I mean I lift weights and do intervals. The jeans aren't that thight, my legs are just weird looking apparantly

    • huh i did a 3 hour run today which is normal for me to do bout 4 times a week. Not into getting big and bulky anymore so i only hit the gym 4 times a week and do bout 3 hours there mostly working my legs and torso as to help with my run times

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  • I dont think they stand out per say, but they look good. A little thicker than the norm which in my opinion looks good. Everyone has different tastes though, maybe some people do like, others dont, can't just assume one or the other.

    • I see, and thanks! Good to see that at least one guy (on here) finds them attractive lol

    • Give it a second, im sure a hundred thirsty dudes will show up telling you how sexy you are haha. Just remember the only opinion that really matters is yours.

  • They look a little small for your frame besides that seem fine

    • I am quite slim, my jumper is just oversized

  • Were you born with a congenital abnormality by chance?

    • No, not that I know of

  • I don't see anything wrong? Am I meant to be seeing something? And I cannot see your hips to judge them.

    • I dont know if they are odd looking or not, im curious to what people see. If what I have been fearing is just in my head or not

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