I can live without social media and smartphones. Can you?

in terms of technology i think i am stuck somewhere between 2004 and 2008, give me Google and Youtube and I am a happy man, I don't need all this post-facebook, post-iPhone crap that is absolutely eating up the world and eating up our minds...

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, I can. I don't use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever else is out there. I do want YouTube, though. Also, I use Kik to communicate with someone, but it wouldn't be too much of a bother to switch to texting.

    Most of the applications available for smartphones are useless. I don't like social media apps, and the games are meant for children or immature adults. There is no need for any of it.

    • When I said that part about the games, what I really mean is that they are very EASY. Anyone can figure it out within minutes. It serve no purpose other than a time waster.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, for sure. I'd miss some things, but I wouldn't lose my mind over it. I lived half my life without the internet, period, so just 86'ing social media is no big deal.


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  • Yes I can, but I never liked cell phones anyway.

  • i do... i have no cell phone and this is the only site i use other than ebay and porn sites

    • oh and when im at my bulgarian retreat thats totally off grid i dont even use my laptop