Who would win in a fight? Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees?

Michael Myers strengths:
Protected by the Curse of Thorne

Jason Strengths:
can run
will kill anyone

dont give me the weapon argument because both are both are known to use different weapons.

i personally think Michael Myers.
he's too stealthy and smart enough to lure Jason. Plus no weaknesses


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  • Jason is tougher. I remember in the first film he was shot through a window with a revolver and Jamie lee lived another day.

    • Yeah and they looked down and he was instantly gone. Lol have you seen the other movies

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    • Are you kidding? No they can't. Unless they are wearing bulletproof armor it'll drop you. He was shot 6 times. And disappeared and came back in the next movie, which he got burned alive and still came back the next movie.

    • In the Moro Rebellion, Moro Muslim Juramentados in suicide attacks continued to charge against American soldiers even after being shot. Panglima Hassan in the Hassan uprising had to be shot dozens of times before he died. This forced the Americans phase out revolvers with.38 Long Colt caliber ammunition with Colt.45 Colt against the Moros.

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  • Jason gives no fucks. Also been in more movies..

    • I don't think the number of movies matters

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    • 5-1? What you mean?

    • Look at the other responses..

  • Jason is invincible though. He beat Freddy Kruger. He wears the proverbial championship belt around his waist.
    So I'm going with Jason.

    • He did not beat Freddy for real though.
      Freddy was still alive when he carried his head out of the water and Jason had help from those group of kids

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    • Actually, I think Freddy brings him back somehow. Maybe he was cut into pieces and he brings them back together. That's how the movie starts. He brings him back to life so he can feed off the fear he creates but then can't get rid of him again.
      So maybe you can kill Jason if you keep his body parts enough. Or at least keep him away.
      If Mike can do that, he wins.

    • I just read some shit, so I guess the crown of throne can be lifted if Michael can successfully end his bloodline.
      So I guess if Jason can manage to kill off Michaels entire family before getting killed, he would win

  • Me.. 😎

  • Jason Vorhees would break that bitch in half :/

    • Michael has been shot many times, hung, thrown off multiple stories, electricuted, hit by a car and beat to death and still didn't die.
      Don't think so

  • I think Jason would win

    • Reasoning?

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    • Yeah they're very close in a lot of ways but I'm still going with Jason maybe just because I like him better

    • That's fair.